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~ ~ ~ 7 in-house training and auditing programs to help improve your management systems ~ ~ ~


“Managing The Risks In Your Firm” is a one day program which can include an additional two-day on-site combined program of training and coaching for Design Professionals, insurance providers and producers specializing in errors and omissions coverage to Design Professionals. This presentation focuses on how to recognize management processes that can lead to loosing money on projects. It includes a training presentation and an Operations Risk Assessment of your current operations.


“Managing The Risks In Your Business” is a one day training program which can include an additional two-day on-site program of training and coaching for service organizations. The training and coaching will focus on your established processes and how they may be putting your organization at risk.


“What Causes The First Domino To Fall?” is a two-day program which provides a detailed process for successfully identifying and implementing corrective actions in the organization. Participants will be taught how to utilize various root-cause analysis techniques to enable correction of nonconforming practices in the organization.

“Principles of Environmental Cost Accounting” is a one-day overview of the subject matter        necessary to identify and calculate the true cost of environmental management. This program provides the techniques for identifying activities in the organization which are compatible with the required objective setting and continual improvement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. An additional environmental management system two-day gap analysis is also available to aid the participants in a facility walk through to help identify and calculate environmental costs.


“Understanding Processes and Process Management” is a one-day introductory program targeted at    understanding the dynamics of process mapping and management. This program is compatible with the process identification and audit requirements for business management systems such as ISO 9001.


“Internal Auditing” is a series of programs for ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001 management           systems. Each program is a two-day on-site training class plus a one-day internal audit of the organizations management system. This offering will provide the internal auditor with the necessary skills to ascertain the effectiveness of the implementation and maintenance of these popular management systems.


“Integrated Process Management” a two-day program which maps the ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 45001 management systems. This program provides an outline of the similarities with the three systems and breaks down the risk factors associated with each activity required by the standard. The participants will also learn to evaluate your organization’s risks from “take off to landing.” This program anticipates the cost savings associated with running tight management systems and defines how waste and scrap costs affect profit margins. This offering will help bridge the gaps between corporate goals, site objectives and target setting.

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