James J. King

My Credentials, The Movie
My Credentials

Management Systems analysis and development:
Environmental, Quality, Health and Safety,
Consultation, Auditing and Training





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The Mission

My mission is to help clients enhance their services through the focused application of nationally and internationally recognized quality, environmental and safety management practices.


"Managing the risks in your business;" This is the centerpiece of Jim's mission and what he  brings to his clients. With over thirty-five years of management and consulting experience, and a unique  perspective of "results oriented" consulting, Jim  will evaluate your current operational practices, find the system weaknesses, recommend changes and train people to those changes . Business Management Systems (BMS) risk analysis has provided Jim's clients around the world with a disciplined approach to minimize day-to-day and long term business risks.

Most organizations have multiple BMS's in place such as Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Purchasing, Quality Assurance/Control, Environmental Management, and Health and Safety.  Through the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) approach to consulting and auditing, Jim helps his clients properly implement and manage their BMS so they will be fully integrated and provide the maximum economic benefit to the organization and its stakeholders.


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