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I can provide direction to help you identify and overcome the Hurdles to Success by working closely with your staff to perform the following:




Company-wide Buy-in

 Get management commitment before you begin

Management awareness training (w/ clear indicators of positive bottom line impact)

Include multiple levels of the organization on the implementation team

Solicit nominations from union leadership (if any)

Identify potential nay-sayers and historical complainers and include them on the team

Provide good early training on what the process will entail

Have management speak directly to commitment

Where to start

Gap analysis Review current systems against ISO  requirements

Leverage off of existing systems


Review current systems against ISO  requirements

Look at BMS’s already in place

Aspect identification Define “aspects” and “impacts” early in the process

Training for ISO team with clear examples and exercises

Broad-based participation

Set aside specific time to have a varied group of people brainstorm aspect identification

Writing procedures

Have procedures written by personnel involved

Set-up a process

Get a consultant involved to meet deadlines if under time crunch

Document control

 Assure that all documents are controlled during review process  and all copies are control copies

Set up tracking system

Use a Lotus-notes or similar system for document control during the process

Automate - electronic systems

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