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Off-Site Consulting

Paying for consulting services can be costly and in many instances cost prohibitive. If you need advice on your ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 management systems, have a question about what the standard means, or resolving a nonconformance then maybe having a consultant a phone call or email away is right for you.

Off-Site Consulting is just that. I will be available for telephone calls, email inquiries, doc reviews….what ever the situation calls for without having to make a costly trip to your facility.
The process is simple. You “deposit” a one-day fee and start using my services. You will receive an assignment by assignment accounting of the time I spend providing you with answers, reviews, etc.
By using Off-Site Consulting this will allow us to have discussions, review documents, answer registrar auditor questions…..all with cost effective, off-site help via the internet or telephone when needed.
How It Works:

I will provide to you, an ongoing accounting of the time-spent on an assignment by tracking the time-spent increments for each assignment, call or correspondence (hard copy or electronic). Debits and credits against the “deposit” will be provided with each deliverable. Any customary expenses will be billed separately.

When the “deposit” is depleted you can make a determination to proceed with another eight-hour deposit.
If an on-site visit is required then a separate proposal will be prepared and offered for your consideration. Daily rates (plus customary expenses) may apply or a Lump Sum may be considered, depending on the assignment and your needs.
I have had several clients who have opted to have this relationship and it has worked well and has been cost effective for both party’s.

If interested, contact me at jim@jimking.biz or by call me at 865-300-5689.

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